The Soundtrack

Your Chance To Be A Part Of History

A first ever, a game about having your own garage band and a butt kicking soundtrack included with it is hopefully just around the corner. What does that mean exactly for you, the potential musical artist or band? It means you have a chance to get your band on the When We Played-Garage Band Cards Soundtrack and heard by music lovers and gamers across the country. What does it cost you? Absolutely zero.

Pleases know that you must own the rights to your own song and have the ability to allow us to include that song on our game CD. While we can't offer royalties to any of the bands that we have chosen, we would promote our game along with you and the other bands we choose on our website, our facebook pages and of course inside the game box which will hold the CD that would include one original song from each band.

The reward for the artist is getting your band heard in a new and exciting way, and to be a part of a first ever, a soundtrack for a rock-n-roll fantasy card game.

Once again, all music submitted for consideration must be original works and you must own the rights to. 

Stretch Goal Soundtrack

Judging & If We Pick You

All entries will be judged on lyrics, tone and overall sound. Keep in mind this soundtrack is for a game about garage bands, so you definitely need to have that rock-n-roll vibe to it. If you have a following of groupies and fans, please let them know what you are doing. 

The number of songs to be included on the Soundtrack will be based upon the number of entries we receive. Our goal is to have a minimum of 20 and a max of 40 (If we get the max, it will be a double CD).

The Deadline is when we have filled all the spots.

If your song is chosen, we will contact you directly to verify rights, names and other info deemed necessary for your song to appear on our Soundtrack.

Please note, your band (artist) name, your song, your website (if applicable), will all be included in the game literature inside of every box that is sold. We also reserve to use that same info on our websites and advertisements for promotional purposes.

Exposure for your song will be dependent on the number of games sold.