A Game With Your Pic

Looking For Something Different - Have Your Picture Put On An Exclusive "When We Played - Hangover The Edge Custom Tabletop Football Game ".

This game is everything magical you remember as a child. It's memories of simpler times, when bikes were rode without helmets, and kids played outside long after the streetlights turned on. It's an homage to a childhood pastime played by millions worldwide not only yesterday, but today as well. It's a game to be hung as a piece of art on your wall or placed on your coffee table and a game that is meant to be played with family and friends, of all ages. It's a game that requires real "face-time". It's more than a game, it's a feeling, it's an experience, and it's utterly familiar yet at the same time, unlike anything you've ever seen before. It's the perfect gift for every sports fan, sports memorabilia collector, tailgater, athlete, grandfather, father, son, mother, daughter and beyond. It's the perfect game for the child inside us all, and it can be customized with your picture on it. For more info on having your picture placed on one of our exclusive hangover-the-edge tables shoot us an email or give us a call. Better yet...

Check the game out at No Jacks Bar & Grill in Smithton, Illinois.

With a game that looks as good as it plays, why not show it off. Whether playing this game with your friends while you're tailgating, hanging out at your favorite sports bar, taking part in a tournamentfundraiser or just chillin at home in your man cave or the living room...each field is a powerful, work-of-art that is a sight to behold and beckons to all to "Hang On To The Memories and Play."Your friends and family will be awestruck when they catch sight of your very own Hangover the edge Football game hanging on your wall like a fine piece of art.  

With portability in mind, each game has been carefully crafted to be both durable and lightweight. Weighing in at less than 4lbs, each game playing field is smoothwaterproof and uv protected, allowing for not only unfettered game play but easy cleaning and long lasting beauty. Attached to the bottom of each Hangover the edge game is a shelled, support arm that runs parallel to the short-bank side rails, dead center of the game and below the midsection of each game field. This brace not only helps to keep the games unique shape for years to come, but also provides a balanced-pillar-of-support for the game to be played on.

Each playing field has been perfectly elevated, allowing for goal line edges. In a game that requires each player to spin a perfectly padded football or paper football across the field and then have it balance precariously over an end zone line without falling off the edge in order to score a touchdown, we gave this game the edge it so needed for tabletop football gaming perfection. Hang on to the memories with a When We Played - Hang Over The Edge Football game.