Freebird Rules

If you are new to gaming or just looking for a faster paced, streamlined gaming our new FREEBIRD  RULES HERE for When We Played Garage Band Cards! Also be sure and check out our FAQ's for these new rules below.



  1. If I have the required amount of Bandmates in my Garage that is stated on the Venue Card can I still choose to roll for another Bandmate? If you have the correct amount of Bandmate's already in your Garage you CAN roll and attempt to get a new Bandmate or you can just take a pass.
  2. Are all cards played face-up all the time? Absofreakinglutely Yes
  3. If I can not play a solo card on my guitarist how do I play it and count it? If you cannot play a solo card on your own guitarist nor steal your opponents sol, than you place the Solo Card off to the side of your Garage face-up. Yes, you get to hold onto that card, but the points do not count until it is actually played.
  4. The Producer Card states you must have completed a Venue in order to play him in your Garage, how can I do this? The Freebird Rules are assuming you are already a kick arse Rock & Roller, so feel free to play the Producer Card during these mini sessions.
  5. What dice do your bandmate's roll during an attempt to play a Venue live as they level up? Just like the Standard Edition Rules the dice that is indicted on the banndmates card stays with them the entirety of the game. The # of attempts (dice rolls) is the only thing that changes.
These unique rules trim down the standard edition rules and mix things up to create something new gamers and seasoned veterans of the gaming industry are sure to enjoy! Please note you will still have to refer to the standard edition rules for certain parts.