When We Played - Garage Band Cards Digital Soundtrack *Parental Advisory

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First Ever Garage Band Cards - Soundtrack

Must Be 17 or above to purchase this soundtrack.

Soundtrack available separately only as a DIGITAL Download

Old school meets new school in this eclectic collection of Garage Bands & Artists from across the United States & the United Kingdom that help make up the soundtrack for Garage Band Cards, the game. While the hard copy of this CD is only available when you purchase the game When We Played - Garage Band Cards, non-gamers(say it isn't so), friends and families who just love listening to great new music can purchase a digital downloadable copy of this CD. Music included on this killer Soundtrack features songs by The Strays, Victories, Saltair, JaketheHawk, Our Blue Lights, Thunderhead (Barry Madison), The States, Bert Watts, Rootmechanical, Margie Chadburn, Jaded Juice Riders, Breaklite and Phillip McClary.