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We provide high quality product images, in a short period of time, at an incredible price with a very easy to understand photo shoot process!
With more than 8 years of selling products on Amazon we know first hand just how important, clear and thoughtful product images are to having and maintaining a successful online business.

All Product Images Meet Amazon Requirements

All images guaranteed to meet the Amazon Marketplace product image requirements

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*Hot Shot is the main image that will be placed on Amazon. This is the FIRST image that will be seen by prospective buyers. White background. 300 DPI 2500 pixel minimum.


  1. How long does it take? Approximately 10-12 business days, not including weekends or holidays, from when we receive your products and payment. A 3 day rush can be added to an order, depending on time and space availability for an additional $150.
  2. Do I need provide you with a detailed photo shot list? This is not necessary. All products, once received are carefully evaluated for best product placement for photos on Amazon. Please know, if you have a certain shot idea of how you would like something arranged, we would love to discuss this with you before you place your order. This can be done via email or by calling us directly at 618-340-9587 8:00AM - 4:00PM M-F
  3. Are there any additional charges? There are no additional charges for products up to 3.5 feet on the longest side or for group shots of 4 pieces or less. For large or extra large products and extensive group arrangements we may quote a higher rate. We do reserve the right to quote higher rates for special requests that stray outside of our normal product imaging request.
  4. How and when do we get our products to you? All photos to be photographed by us should be shipped, at your cost to When We Played - Premier Photography at 4514 Barley Ridge Drive, Smithton, IL. 62285.  If you would like the products shipped back after the shoot, we will include the return shipping costs on your invoice. Products should be shipped to us once you have consulted with one of our photographers over the phone.
  5. What if I want a product photo edit or a re-shoot? As a seller on Amazon, we know first hand that every product that is manufactured and shipped to you or your warehouse on occasion can have minor flaws, marks are blemishes. Before every photo is ready for your eyes, we have an extensive 5 point check and edit process we go through to in order to bring out the very best in your product . Should you still need a photo edit or re-shoot , we would be more than happy to do this upon your review and approval. One round of edits or photo re-shoots is provided without charge, upon request. Re-shoot requests will be handled as outlined in section 9 of the Terms Of Service.


  1. Call or email us with product name, type and size specifics
  2. Based on the above information we will email you a quote
  3. Once quote is agreed to, a deposit of 50% is either mailed to us or paid on line.
  4. Mail Product In To Us at When We Played , 4514 Barley Ridge Drive, Smithton, IL. 62285
  5. We will email you a specific shot list once your product is received by our studio and is evaluated
  6. In approximately 10-12 business days we will email you your pics in low resolution containing watermarks for your review.
  7. Once pics are approved, balance of invoice must be paid online.
  8. Your high resolution photo's are emailed to you via a private download link.