Phillip McClary


It’s been more days than I would care to count that I put my guitar away and waded out into the world searching for a more "economically sustainable entrepreneurial endeavor". In that search I have experienced the ups and downs of this so-called "better" life. I have been blessed to have what I consider a great deal of success in the past 7 years, however I have also tasted the flip-side...and trust me when I say, a warm beer taste better than that side of life. In the midst of my pursuit, unexpected life events have occurred...things I never truly saw coming.

Please know, I am not a negative person and I am truly not looking for sympathy, as friends and loved ones who know me, and hopefully more who will soon get to know me, as a songwriter I just want you, the listener, to know about the real “who I am” me, so-to-speak. We all have our battles, and I have done my best to sail through my personal "storm of the century"…but unfortunately, like many others who have sailed similar paths, sometimes the captain goes down with the ship. Thank God this captain brought along a life raft and some cold Miller Lites. Yep, I hopped in the raft to not only salvage what was left, but to go back, so to speak, before the storm occurred and chart a new course, one I have never truly followed through to being successful, in my eyes that is. My passion. My music. Sail on


I have closed that chapter in my life and returned to the place I feel I belong, both creatively, mentally, spiritually and hopefully physically soon as well. With my first real album in many years, Out Of The Garage is a reflective, yet clear-eyed album for some dark times, where I reflect upon the changes in both my personal life, my family, my friends and the town I once called home. I have stripped these songs down to just the bare necessities. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you will join me out on the road for an acoustic show, or perhaps invite me into your home for a private “Home Concert:” Till we meet again, keep on keeping on.

"He is part Harry Chapin, Neil Finn and Guy Clark ....boom...that is a  wonderful mix to drink down. He pours his heart and soul into every tune."