Phillip McClary


It’s been more days than I would care to count that I put my guitar away and waded out into the world searching for a more "economically sustainable entrepreneurial endeavor". In that search I have experienced the ups and downs of this so-called "better" life. I have been blessed to have what I consider a great deal of success in the past 7 years, however I have also tasted the flip-side...and trust me when I say, a warm adult beverage taste better than that side of life. In the midst of my pursuit, unexpected life events have occurred...things I never truly saw coming.

Two steps forward, three steps back...hit a wall, get back up and do it all again became my montra for two years as I did my best to help my family endure through their own personal life struggles. In the end I found what was always there from the beginning...God and hope. That hope lead me to take a new direction as I have become heavily involved with helping others in the field of education, as a mentor ...and then-some. It is more rewarding then any job I have ever done for the almighty dollar...well, let me clarify that...playing music can be just as rewarding. 

I have closed many chapters in my life and returned to the place I feel I belong, both creatively, mentally, spiritually and hopefully physically soon as well. With my first real album in many years, Out Of The Garage is a reflective, yet clear-eyed album for some dark times, where I reflect upon the changes in both my personal life, my family, my friends and the town I once called home. I have stripped these songs down to just the bare necessities. I hope you enjoy them and I hope you will join me out on the road for an acoustic show, or perhaps invite me into your home for a private “Home Concert:” Till we meet again, keep on keeping on.

"He is part Harry Chapin, Neil Finn and Guy Clark ....boom...that is a  wonderful mix to drink down. He pours his heart and soul into every tune."