Welcome To My World

Ol' Rockwell, Paint This Absurd Masterpiece

There I stood, Phillip McClary, just another dime-a-dozen bard, a dreamer wielding a guitar as my sword and a voice as my shield. My aspirations were no different than any other strummer in this world - to have my melodies echo through the airwaves. Little did I know this would mean venturing into the labyrinth of my own existence. Trust me, it's no Rockwell masterpiece. It mirrored the chaos of a modern art installation, my life smeared with haphazard emotions and experiences. I thought taming this beast would push me back onto the stage, serenading the crowd with my music, my soul... or whatever fragments remained of it. Oh, I wasn't wrong! But the road was anything but clear...

As winter shrouded 2021 in its icy grasp, I became the victim of a reckless driver whose compass seemed permanently set to 'disaster.' His vehicle, an instrument of chaos, transformed me into an unwilling participant in a real-life game of bumper cars. A frontal assault that would make any crash test dummy cringe. I spent a good chunk of time locked in a mortal tango with Death itself, the hospital my battlefield. The ordeal transformed my perspective, twisting it into a grotesque parody of its former self, as distorted as a funhouse mirror.

I came to understand that I had been treating life with the casual disregard of a politician treating public funds. Negativity had set up home in my heart, an unwelcome squatter I had been unable to evict. But the most unsettling realization was that the motley crew I had laughed, fought, and cried with, they were the threads holding together the frayed edges of my life. Together, these individual threads formed a patchwork tapestry, a symbol of joy and sorrow, of trials and triumphs... and of an unexpected brush with death.

So, here’s to you, my beloved ensemble. You are the melody and rhythm that breathes life into my existence, a symphony spun from laughter, tears, confrontations, victories, and a rather unfortunate run-in with a car. Here’s to you... and to the grand conductor of our lives, the divine puppet-master pulling at our strings.

Now, let's talk about my latest song, "Judas Kiss." It's caused quite the stir among those who seem to have forgotten about the First Amendment. Deemed offensive, inappropriate, lacking in taste - the labels go on. Somehow, these critics have confused the right to free speech with the right to sanitize and censor. But let me assure you, "Judas Kiss" isn't a slap in the face. It's a mirror, reflecting the world as it is, not as we wish it to be. And if that's offensive, well, that's because the truth often is.