Phillip McClary

Hey Mister Rockwell Paint This Picture

My name is Phillip McClary and I am a singer / songwriter, and for years I thought that all I wanted was just to have my songs heard being played on the radio, just like so many others songwriters out there do. That's not really an easy thing to do...and before I could even hope to do that, I needed to first figure out what was really going on around me in my personal and spiritual life. Once I could accomplish that, and find meaning to my existence on this big ole rock, then maybe I could step back up in front of the mic, grab that guitar and really pursue my dream and give my music a whirl. If I could figure that out, everything else would fall into place...well guess what, it did...kinda, fell on me and then I fell. I fell hard...

On February 9th, of 2021, I was the unfortunate victim of an under-insured, wrong way driver, and suffered a catastrophic head-on collision. I spent nearly two months in the hospital battling to live...and that experience changed me. It changed everything around me. It changed how I saw life. I found out I took way too many things for granted. I let negativity consume me. The most important thing I realized was that the people that I have chosen to surround myself with from the past and the present, now have become the fabric of my very own existence. If you know me, and you have been in this huge circle of friends and family that I have surrounded myself with, please know all of you are woven into my life, the good and the bad...and let me say, thank you from the bottom of this battered, but still beating middle-aged heart. You are who I am. All of you. You are my world and my world is the music that I am blessed to be creating and sharing with all of you, because of you...and of course, the big guy up above, the real G-Man. God.

Phil's Music is now on Spotify, iTunes and YouTube Music!