My Story & Your Support

This my life...this is my story.

My name is Phillip McClary and I am a singer / songwriter and for years I thought that all I wanted was just to have my songs heard being played on the radio, just like so many others out there. That's not an easy thing to do. However, there came this moment when I finally had to first admit to myself that I didn't have a freaking clue as to how to really do just that, and better yet still, I needed to first figure out what was really going on around me in my personal life and life as we know it on this big ole round ball of dirt called mother earth before I could even step back up in front of the mic and give my music a whirl. Once I could figure that out, everything else would fall into place...and it fell, more so I fell. I fell hard..

On February 9th, of 2021, I was the unfortunate victim of a wrong way driver, and suffered a catastrophic head-on collision. I truly walked the razors edge of life and death...and it changed me. It changed everything around me. It changed how I saw life. I found out that it is those that I have so chosen to surround myself with from the past, my present and my future that have become the fabric of my very own existence. If you know me, and you have been in this huge circle of friends and family that I have surrounded myself with, please know all of you are my fabric and let me say, thank you from the bottom of this battered, but still beating middle-aged heart. You are who I am. All of you. You are my world and my world is the music that I am blessed to be creating and sharing with all of you, because of you...and of course, the big guy up above, the real G-Man. God.

Why Support My Music
I intend to record, produce and distribute 1 song every two weeks for as long as the good Lord allows me and my dear friends and fans support me. It is with your donations, and purchases of each of the songs I release that I will be able to use my marketing skills to hopefully grab someone in the music industry's attention. I've got a ton of old songs and new songs I am dying to get heard...uh, dying may not the best choice of words...but you get the picture.
Why $5 dollars for a single song?  While I know this may sound a tad bit on the high side, please do consider this. My accident has cost me. Financially and physically. However it is what it is and everything happens for a reason. Without a spleen and a back that is now forever a total mess, I am unable to do my old job and be around so many students, without the fear of getting ill and not being able to fight off even the simplest of infections. Your five dollars is an investment in my life, in my well being. It will not go unrewarded, that I can most assuredly promise all of you.
Each dollar I make will go to not only support myself, but it will allow me to do the things I need to do to get my songs heard. I know, this may sound like a lofty pipedream, but I believe it can, and will happen. I know it will take time, effort, knowledge, and some very clever ingenuity. But I've got that, well at least everything but the set amount of time, that is up to God, but with your help, it will be a reality. My songs will get heard and all of you will be part of the reason why.
Life is good. No matter what and if it's not right now for you, make a change and make it good. Do whatever you can while you are blessed to be still here. This side of the dirt sure is nice. Make life good for yourself and for the others around you who make up the fabric of your life. I know I am.
God Bless and keep on keepin on!