Get Plowed - Farming Stimulator 2019



and every person who farms knows to be a great, successful farmer you have to get your hands dirty. With “Get Plowed”, not only will your hands get dirty from plowing your fields, and your  neighbors wife, but they  might just get covered in a wee bit of blood, and we don’t mean from the livestock you must breed AND slaughter in order to keep your youngins happy!Get Plowed - Coming Soon!

Crop Circles, Sheep-shifters, Illegal Migrant Farm Hands... are just a few of the things you wil have to learn to deal with as you plow your way through the fields in pursuit of the almighty dollar to be a “Winning”American Farmer.

Every Farmer knows too that to expand your Farm you will NEED a good woman to stand beside you, a faithful,farmers wife. She (yes she’s a she) plays an important role in Get Plowed...the roles she must adhere to, and as simple as they may be, are detrimental to the preservation and growth of your family farm...they are: Cooking, Cleaning, and Making Babies!

While there is plenty to do in the fields and the pens during the day to keep you busy to make your Farm the very best it can be, it is at night where the real work, er I mean fun and excitement occurs. Cattle Rustling, Moonshining, Inbreeding, Drunken Debauchery and Good Ole Fashioned Thievery and Murder.

Yep it’ s all here and more in Get Plowed. While it’s fun to get plowed all by yourself, we hlghly recommend getting plowed with your friends and family.