Digital Manipulation


What is Digital Manipulation and how can it be used?

Digital manipulation is a process which allows each client/governmental agency to see a digital proof of a finished “build” before the project is started. It is also used for tree & brush removal, and updating sign appearances.

In the world of outdoor advertising, digital replication and manipulation can make the difference between obtaining or not obtaining leases and permits from public, governmental and private entities. If your company is looking to expand on your current inventory or update your signs, give us a call. As a Real Estate Representative & Digital Artist in 1999 I was able to successfully permit and build new inventory in the St Louis Market. Working with numerous Rail Road’s & Private Land Owners, I was able to permit and build structures along the three main bridges; Poplar Street (3), MLK (5) & Eads Bridge(1). *Eads Bridge was the first and last sign ever to be allowed. Poplar Street Signs were the first constructed in over 15 years. The process of obtaining these permits was enhanced and made possible by the use of Digital Replication & Photo Manipulation.

In 2008, with the use of Digital Replication we were able to not only secure a one-of-a-kind billboard atop the Greater Boston Foodbank, but aid in the design of this unique and stunning new sign.