Songs In The Burner

I've been writing songs since as long as I can remember, and you can most assuredly know that every song I write has at least a bit of truth in it, and in more cases than not, a whole hell of lot a truth. 

While we all travel on different roads through life, one thing is for certain, sooner or later that road will lead each of us to extreme highs, and lower than low lows...most will at one time or another find love, experience heartache and pain and for the lucky, like myself a sort of, redemption. My songs reflect on childhood innocence to adult wonder, and a bit of cynicism.

I am certain I have grown, hell we all grow mentally, physically and spiritually. The road I have travelled on had me trekking through assorted heart attack towns and beautiful wide open spaces...all the time, though not known at the time I might add, in search of some meaning to my existence. It is truly a journey where I found there is no real destination. The destination is the journey itself.

On this journey I have taken to pen, and continue to pen many different songs. Songs that at times are are as dark as the night sky on the backroads of southern Illinois, and at other times shining kinda like the sun through an open window on a cold winters day....warms you up. Some of my songs are reflections on my childhood, while others were written based on what was occurring in my life at the time.... and now, I am writing songs while looking forward with humble gratitude. 

Below is just a small portion of the songs I will be recording in the future, in no particular order.

Hey Mister Rockwell *11/05/2021 Release Date
Good Dog
A Reunion Of Sorts
The Shirt
Still Thinking Of You Pop
The Jersey 
John And The American Flag
15 Dollars
Ain't Got You
Veterans Day
There's A Devil At My Door
5 AM
Don't Give A Damn
Another High School Football Game
The Road Less Travelled
Minefield Of Love
Loves A Bitch
When We Played
I Hate Growing Old
Now Press Play
Once Upon A Time
Never Grow Up
God Bless Baseball
I Still Wanna Run
Buried In My Past
Clickity Clack
Do It All Again
I Climbed Trees
Kiss My Glass
I'm Too Old For American Idol
The Garden
Favorite Stranger
October 16th, 1991
My History
I Walk Away
I Wish My Life Was Like The Movies
Shotgun riding shotgun
One Kiss, I Don't  Feel Love
I Never Played You
It Is What It Is
The Ghost I Knew
Was Not Here
Fireflies, Am I Too Old
The Sad Dog Café
I Wonder What's Inside Her Head
The Downfall Of You
The old drive-in theater
Party Like It's 1983
Father, Son
Birthday Mid December
Devils On Your Tail
If I Could Go Back
Heartless Bastard
Shallow Grave
Little Reminders
Before You Go
A Stones Throw
You've Done Me In Again
How It Feels To Play, Someday