"You're a picture, you're an image caught in time."

Hello, my name is Phillip McClary and my business partner is Shane Marler Heskett. We are both lifelong residents of the Metro-East. 

At When We Played, we both believe photographs are some of the most significant possessions a person can ever own. They create a bridge between our memories and the tangible. These images remind us of childhood, a family growing, and lifes celebrations, both of the heart and the day. They tell the story of who and where you have come from, where you are now and where you are going.

Myself, I am a father, a husband, a musician, a sports nut, a gamer, an outdoor enthusiast and a digital photographer and editor. My passion for taking photo's has led me to a 20 plus year career in creative billboard design, product branding and design, digital manipulation and portrait story telling. This love for the visual arts has lead me to team up with my friend and fellow photographer, Shane.

Shane has an incredible eye for catching the non-scripted moments with our clients and her use of natural lighting is second to none. Recently married, Shane's exuberance for life, travel and the great outdoors keeps everyone smiling. Her fresh approach to capturing genuine moments keeps our clients coming back. She's a self processed hummingbird "fanatic" and loves to garden and work out.

We hope to make you smile, laugh and capture your memories in the coming days and years ahead.

God Bless

 Phillip McClary